Brian John

Brian John

Personal Trainer

When I first began my journey with fitness I was diagnosed with Hypertension. I wasn’t overweight or anything but I still had health issues. And I realized it was because of eating fast food and drinking pop on a regular basis. I decided to do something about it, immersed myself in a new lifestyle, and never regretted it.

Learning about healthy eating, metabolic training, and HIIT entirely transformed my life. What I enjoy the most about my journey is that, I am happy where I am, and will never go back to 2010. To me, fitness is a lifestyle. I use fitness as a tool to escape and as therapy. I believe that fitness is not about being perfect but about making an effort and when you bring that effort every single day that is when the effort happens.

I am a certified personal trainer accredited by the Canadian society for Excercise Physiology (CSEP) and CanFitPro. I have over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and I am passionate about all things fitness related.

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    CSEP Certified
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    CanFit Pro
    Personal Training Specialist Certified
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    KettleBall Certified
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    TRX Certified
You are stronger than you think, and through fitness, I strive to make others believe that as well.”
  • “Amazing! Highly recommend, always something new, challenging and fun. Trainers are amazing, delicious meal plans, everyone is friendly (like a second family). Results are amazing! Must do it if you’re looking for a permanent change.”

    Rebecca MacMillan
  • “I am addicted! It’s like having a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.”

    Stacey Queenville
  • “This gym has changed my life! The trainers and the members are all fantastic! A total game changer for my fitness goals.”

    Jessica Michelle
  • “I look thinner, I have a better complexion, I’m more relaxed and less stressed. Food tastes better, even water tastes better, sleep has imporved. I feel more energetic, productive and healthier overall.”



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