Chantalle Robitaille

Chantalle Robitaille


Born and raised in the Ottawa area, Chantalle is a bilingual personal trainer with more than 12 years of experience.

In the winter months, she enjoys playing hockey and basketball. During the summer, Chantalle is an avid cyclist and loves to go for a run with her pooch by the Rideau Canal.

Chantalle started her career in the rehabilitation field, working as a therapist in a physiotherapy clinic. She dedicated three years helping motor vehicle accident patients and spent more than five years with long-term disability patients. Chantalle also has an exhaustive rehabilitation background.

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    Certified Ktape Therapist /
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    Certified KettleBell Instructor /
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    Ontario Kinesiology Association /
    Mobility Member
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    First AID & CPR Certified
“When I exercise, I feel so amazing and alive. I want to share that same feeling with everyone. Exercise is a celebration for your soul!”
  • “This gym has changed my life! The trainers and the members are all fantastic! A total game changer for my fitness goals.”

    Jessica Michelle
  • “I am addicted! It’s like having a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.”

    Stacey Queenville
  • “Amazing! Highly recommend, always something new, challenging and fun. Trainers are amazing, delicious meal plans, everyone is friendly (like a second family). Results are amazing! Must do it if you’re looking for a permanent change.”

    Rebecca MacMillan
  • “I look thinner, I have a better complexion, I’m more relaxed and less stressed. Food tastes better, even water tastes better, sleep has imporved. I feel more energetic, productive and healthier overall.”



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