Julie Gauthier

Julie Gauthier


Julie is an ambitious woman from Aylmer, Quebec. She speaks French, English and Spanish and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business with a Major in Marketing and a College degree in literature and cinematography. She currently works for the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, the Federal Prosecutor’s office.

Julie has an unconditional passion for dance. Nothing will ever stop her from dancing. Dancing is breathing. For many years, she taught Jazz, Bellydance and Zumba. Apart from sharing her passion with people of all ages, she is a professional belly dancer and competes in Ballroom dancing.

Life was not always good to her. At a young age, she started gaining weight and was a victim of bullying. She had very low self-esteem and being in public made her very uncomfortable. At the age of 16, she decided that enough was enough and decided to do something about it. Not only to stop the bullying but to feel good about herself. She started to exercise daily and make healthy food choices. In 2 years, she lost 60 pounds and in 2009, she was chosen to be a delegate at the Miss Universe Canada Pageant. She won Miss Earth Quebec 2009 and represented Canada twice at the world finals of Swimsuit USA International. This shows not only to her, but also to everyone who knows her story, that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and that everything is possible. It starts with a dream.

Julie has been a Fitness instructor for many years and she is now a certified nutrition coach. She encourages women to be empowered by their body and to never give up.

“It is very hard work to obtain the results you want weather it’s at work or you want to change your body but anything is possible if you work for it. You need a clear goal and the desire to get results. Loving ourselves is very important and life is too short to live a miserable life. We have to chase our dreams and become the best that we can be. We have to be thankful to be alive and live every day as if it was our last.”

  • “I look thinner, I have a better complexion, I’m more relaxed and less stressed. Food tastes better, even water tastes better, sleep has imporved. I feel more energetic, productive and healthier overall.”

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