Madeleine Mei

Madeleine Mei


With her goal to educate, support and empower everyone she works with, Madeleine is the coach for individuals who want to transform their lives from ‘ordinary’ to extraordinary.

Madeleine’s education has equipped her with extensive knowledge and experience in wellness psychology, client health education, and innovation with some of the world’s top health & wellness industry experts. She takes an integrative approach to wellness, with a comprehensive focus on nutrition, emotional balance, natural ways to relieve stress, and customized programs to support optimal health and well-being.

Madeleine’s coaching methods are underpinned with research, and focus on implementing preventative strategies, developing a growth mind-set and action based self-awareness development techniques.

Madeleine encourages others to feel the thrill of pleasing the ideal self within and it is her own lifestyle transformation that brought her to integrative health coaching. Her personal experience in perspective changes, strategic lifestyle makeovers, and substantial personal weightloss has provided her with a unique angle to coach her clients into and through purposeful, self-nurturing, and sustainable changes.

Her clients become empowered, action focused and self-motivated to achieve their goals, with good health and improved overall satisfaction of life.

Madeleine looks forward to helping you develop a nutritious meal plan, a sustainable schedule, a strategic exercise agenda, and customized rehabilitation with a focus on planning, prioritizing, and troubleshooting. She will provide all the motivation and information you need to create a wellness plan that works for your lifestyle.

As an avid thrill-seeker, Madeleine likes to challenge herself physically and mentally: from her education in theatre, psychology, and massage therapy, to her participation in soccer, dance, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, circus, and wakeboarding, Madeleine seeks joy in what life has to offer.

" I seek joy in whatever life has to offer. "
  • “I am addicted! It’s like having a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.”

    Stacey Queenville
  • “This gym has changed my life! The trainers and the members are all fantastic! A total game changer for my fitness goals.”

    Jessica Michelle
  • “Amazing! Highly recommend, always something new, challenging and fun. Trainers are amazing, delicious meal plans, everyone is friendly (like a second family). Results are amazing! Must do it if you’re looking for a permanent change.”

    Rebecca MacMillan
  • “I look thinner, I have a better complexion, I’m more relaxed and less stressed. Food tastes better, even water tastes better, sleep has imporved. I feel more energetic, productive and healthier overall.”