Benefits Of Drinking More Water

Clients at 180 Fitness in Gloucester, ON know I believe that drinking more water is good for both workouts and overall health. The body is about 60% water and blood, about 90%. When you become dehydrated, even mildly dehydrated, you lose energy, which can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your workout. It’s also not good for your health or appearance. Even mild dehydration can lead to wrinkling.

Besides being tired, mild dehydration can affect the joints.

If you’ve ever worked out and felt sluggish, then drank some water and perked back up, you know that dehydration affects your energy, but did you know it also can cause achy joints? Staying hydrated is important for circulation and blood volume, which help your body recover more quickly, delivering nutrients to each cell. Dehydration increases inflammation and can contribute to joint pain, although it may not be the main problem. Unlike boosting your energy level, eliminating mild pain takes more than just drinking one glass of water, but staying hydrated throughout the day. Water lubricates the joints. Try increasing your water throughout the day and you may find joint pain is far less than it had been.

Your teeth will be healthier when you drink more water.

Water is necessary to develop saliva and keep your nose, mouth and eyes moist. It helps keep the mouth clean and delivers vitamins and minerals to keep dental decay and gum disease at bay. Drinking adequate amounts of water can help flush away acids and sugar from food and the bacteria that causes dental decay. Some of the bacteria water washes away creates odor, causing bad breath. Rather than grabbing a breath mint, grab a bottle of water to fight bad breath.

Your brain and digestive system depend on water.

Water not only cushions the brain, it’s involved in creating neurotransmitters and hormones. It also affects how the brain functions and its structure. Even mild dehydration can affect your reasoning process and how you think. Dehydration can also cause your digestive system to have problems. Not only does too little water cause constipation, it can lead to heartburn and stomach ulcers.

  • Too often people grab for a soft drink when they’re thirsty. That adds extra calories and affects your health. A tall glass of water is best for weight control and overall health.
  • Your blood will become thicker and more difficult to pump if you lack fluids. Drinking more water can help you maintain a normal blood pressure if the problem is dehydration.
  • Kidney damage from kidney stones create by chronic mild dehydration can be a problem if you drink too little water. Mild dehydration can also make allergies and asthma worse.
  • Drinking more water can help you lose weight. It can fill you up if consumed before a meal and lower your calorie intake. Sometimes, the body mistakes thirst for hunger and you eat calories you don’t need. Drinking more water can prevent that.

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