Best “At Home” Exercises

The recent isolation and potential of another has made everyone that takes fitness seriously that you need a collection of “at home” exercises. We tried to keep you posted throughout the days of lockdown, even developing an alliance with a chef for delivery of healthy meals. Here are a few of the exercises you can do, whether you’re stuck at home for personal reasons or due to a situation that’s completely out of your control.

Start with a scheduled time for your workout and create a HIIT—high intensity interval training—workout.

What is a HIIT workout? It’s more of a style of working out rather than specific exercises. It involves adjusting the intensity throughout the workout. You do an exercise at the highest intensity, pushing hard and raising your heart rate for a few minutes or a few seconds. Then you slow the pace, with a recovery workout, for the same amount of time or longer. You’ll get more benefit in a shorter amount of time. You can use any type of exercise, bodyweight exercises, running or even walking fast.

Do bodyweight exercises for strength.

One of the oldest forms of exercise, before all the fancy machines existed, was bodyweight exercises. Some examples of these are push-ups, pull-ups, squats and lunges. When you learn these four basic exercises and want to embellish the workout, you can modify each of them to work different areas, make the workout tougher and work muscles on different planes. For instance, just adjusting the width of your feet when you do squats is one way to change the way it works your body. There are forward lunges, reverse lunges, goblet forward lunges, split squat lunges and skater lunges to name just a few. These are extremely versatile exercises.

Make your own equipment if you want to workout with weights.

Nobody says you have to buy weights. They’re just convenient and let you know exactly how much you’re lifting. However, you can create your own weights at home. Soup cans can be weights, just like water bottles can. In fact, with water bottles, you can adjust the weight by filling it with water or sand and adjusting the amount you use. Plastic laundry detergent jugs or milk jugs make a good off center weight much like kettlebells.

If you have a jump rope at home, you’re ready for a great cardio workout and also have the equipment for a warm-up. It not only works your heart, it’s great for the whole body and burns tons of calories.

You’ll get the most bang for your exercise time when you do compound exercises that engage more than one muscle or muscle group. Mountain climbers, thrusters, jumping lunges, single-arm swings and jump lunges are examples.

Don’t do strength training two days in a row. Give your muscles a day or two of rest between sessions. If you’re breaking up your workout to upper and lower body, work upper body one day and lower body the next. Don’t do the same half of your body two days in a row.

You can break your workout into ten minute sessions. If you’re at the computer for extended periods, take a break every fifty minutes and do a ten minute session.

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