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We’ll help you and coach you through a FUN, personally supervised weightloss and personal fitness plan that’ll get you back in shape and looking great in 12 weeks!


DO IT RIGHT!  Fitness And Weight-Loss Is Fun When It’s Done Right

Discover How over 600 Past Fitness Participants in Ottawa are Burning Fat, Losing over 18,000 Pounds, and Shaping Up FAST With Our PROVEN Biggest Loser Program!

Be SMART.  Choose the fitness program that works. 

Choose 180 Fitness and FEEL GREAT!

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Hi, I’m Adrian, and I help men and women in Ottawa transform their bodies and lives to help them become a more confident, fitter, healthier, and stronger version of themselves!

Can You Say “YES” to 3 or More of These Questions?

  • Have you ever started and then quit on your fitness “New Year Resolutions” that you’ve created in the past?
  • Are you tired of trying to lose the same 15-30 pounds, year in and year out?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with the way your clothes fit and dread having to buy the next size up?
  • Do you start your morning with low energy and it only gets worse as the day goes on?
  • Do you crave and give in to sweets and junk food, even when you know that you’ll regret it afterwards?
  • Does your motivation to get in better shape only last a few weeks?
  • Do you get bored of diet plans and diet foods?
  • Does your stomach feel constantly bloated?
  • Do you get out of breath and sweat easily?
  • Do you wish you could find your perfect program that will not only help you get great results but is also fun, exciting and sustainable?

If You Answered YES to at Least 3 Questions, Then My 180Degree Transformation System Is For You!

Every single day we get to help men and women breakthrough the yo-yo failure cycle and finally attain their ultimate fitness goals.

Whether you landed here on purpose or by chance – I’m glad you found us, and I would love the opportunity to be your coach and help you achieve your fitness goals once and for all!

Right now we are looking for our next amazing success story – and the way we’re going to do that is through our next Biggest Loser Ottawa Program!

Biggest Loser Ottawa

The Biggest Loser Ottawa Program is our results-focused program where we guide you through a proven system of exercise, simple nutritional adjustments, and mindset and motivational coaching – designed to help you accomplish your fitness goals in less time and with ZERO frustration.

Because our most successful clients start with one of our transformation programs, it’s no surprise we always sell out every time we run them.

Claim your spot before it’s too late. This program is limited to just 20 people.
15 of 20 spots have been claimed (As of 01/29/2019)

I Want Results, Please Reserve My Spot!

You won’t be paying anything today

  • If you’ve been struggling with your weight…
  • If you’ve been struggling with not feeling energetic and vibrant…
  • And if you’ve been struggling with not feeling confident about your body…

Don’t wait another minute to get started.

How is this for an incentive? I’ll pay you to drop the weight. Earn $1500 CASH when you drop the weight and keep it off for a year. The goal is to not only lose the weight but to keep it off, right?

How it works:

Drop 18% of your starting body weight and maintain it for a year and I’ll hook you up with $1500 Cash!
I’m offering this incentive to 10 participants per program.

Take the first step and reserve your spot RIGHT NOW.

You’re Not Alone,

We’re On This Journey Together!


  • NEW! Body Composition Scan through InBody
  • Weekly Weigh-ins and measurements
  • Bi-Weekly nutritional consults with a Certified Nutritionist
  • Access to our popular Grocery Shopping Tour
  • Kitchen Raids
  • FULL Meal plans provided


  • Over 49 training sessions, 26 Stretch Sessions, and 1 coaching session per week!
  • Access to Our Infrared Sauna
  • Weight Loss AND Fitness Challenges
  • Group Nutrition Seminars
  • Food Prep and Planning Workshops
  • Special Guest Presenters and More…


  • Bi-weekly motivational mindset workshops
  • Special night out on how to order off a menu
  • Over $5000 in prizes!

Need Proof This Program Works?

Does this program actually work?

YES!  If I hadn’t seen, first hand, the amazing results our clients experienced every time we run a challenge, I would be skeptical too

Will you seriously give me $1500 CASH when I lose 18% or more of my starting body weight? That seems crazy!

YES!  We want YOU to SUCCEED.  We’ll SET GOALS to motivate you to ACHIEVE THEM!

We’d love for YOU to be our next SUCCESS STORY!

Choose.  Commit.  Celebrate!


STEP ONE: CHOOSE ...The Choice is yours

Nothing happens until you make a CHOICE. So step 1 is choosing what you want your future to look like and taking action by claiming a spot in our next Biggest Loser Ottawa Program. To claim your spot, click the big button that says "Reserve My Spot NOW"


Congratulations, the first step was actually the hardest. Now all you need to do is COMMIT to following the simple plan we will lay out for you for the next three months. Many people have successfully blazed this path before you, all you need to do is follow one step at a time - all the way to your goals. And... we can guarantee your results based on our proven track record for success.


The next 3 months will come and go regardless of what we do. But if you CHOOSE to COMMIT, you will truly have something to CELEBRATE at the end of your Biggest Loser Ottawa Program. Can it be that simple? Yes. Yes it is!

Pay Nothing Today
Reserve Your Spot Now

Please Reserve My Spot!

You won’t be paying anything today

What Can You Expect in Just 3 Months?

The most common results we see in just 3 months are…

  • Lose Weight Without Counting Calories
  • Drop Inches From Your Entire Body
  • Rev up You Metabolism to Burn Fat Faster
  • Tighten and Tone Your Body
  • Feel Energized, Vibrant and Strong
  • Firm Up Hips & Thighs & Behind
  • Tone Your Shoulders, Back & Arms (no more batwings)
  • Target Belly Fat Specifically
  • Get Rid of That Holiday Bloat
  • Ditch the Carb and Sugar Cravings
  • Glow With Total CONFIDENCE When You Put On Your Bathing Suit!


When you join the Biggest Loser Ottawa Program, we literally remove ALL of the guesswork you have to do with other programs…

…and we give you a complete, detailed program with the exact steps you need to take to get amazing results in just 3 months.

We’re Going To Motivate You!

At 180 Fitness we have a reputation for being the “last stop for fitness results!”

We’re proud of this reputation and attribute it to only working with enthusiastic people who are 100% ready to change their lives.

If you are not ready to jump in head first, prepared to do the work – then unfortunately this program isn’t for you…

But if you are fed up with not feeling like you’re living up to your potential, then our Biggest Loser Ottawa Program is the perfect solution for you!

Right now, we’re accepting applications (link is below),we are only letting 20 people in. Once you book an appointment, we will sit down with you to make sure we are a good fit for each other. There’s absolutely ZERO obligation to join.

From there, the last step is getting you enrolled and set up for the kickoff meeting happening Feb 3rd at 1pm!

It’s that easy. Click the button below to reserve your spot (it’s free to apply).

I'm Ready to Transform

Challenge Starts Soon! 15 of 20 Spots have already been claimed.

5 Available before it CLOSES


Backed up by our $1500

Weight Loss 4 Life Incentive Program

The $1500 – 180º Weight Loss 4 life Incentive Program

Our Biggest Loser Ottawa Program has been designed and tested to help you achieve the results you desire – faster and easier than ever imagined. Our reputation for being the last stop for fitness success is backed by our NEW $1500 180º Weight LOSS 4 Life Incentivized Program. You are going to absolutely love your results at the end of your Program. The only thing you have to lose is the fat!

How it Works…

With every transformation program we will offer up to 10 clients the opportunity to participate in our very own 180º Weight Loss 4 Life Incentivized Program.
Drop 18% or more of your starting body weight, AND maintain it for a year, & we’ll give you $1500!  No catch, no strings attached!

How’s that for incentive?

You lose 18% or more of your starting weight,

YOU GET $1500!

Here’s What You Need To Know:

Adrian Delorey


Since the program starts soon, and since we can only take on a limited number of new clients,  we’re expecting to sell out FAST!

Now that you know that a “resolution” is not the answer (and ultimately doomed to fail 92% of the time) just click the button below to register for our Biggest Loser Ottawa Program!

Committed to your health and fitness,

Adrian Delorey
180 Degree Fitness, Ottawa

P.S. There is one more thing you must do to qualify for this 3 month weight loss fitness program. You have to take action right now, even if you’re just thinking about it! We’re going to sell out fast and I don’t want you to miss your opportunity to join us! We literally ONLY have 5 spots left to fill. There’s nothing worse than thinking “I should have done that!” Click that button to apply right now… there’s no obligation whatsoever.

5370 CANOTEK RD #16 & #17



A few more transformations...


I’m not asking you to pay a dime today! Just book a spot with no commitment.
If you are serious and decide to jump on, you’re covered with our 180 Fitness Grant Program!

Commit To Shaping The “New You” Today!