What is NormaTec Recovery?

180 Fitness is your place for the equipment to jumpstart your fitness, and that doesn’t end with a workout – it ends with a smart recovery.

NormaTec Recovery allows you to train harder with air pressure to massage your limbs and speed recovery. Ease muscle aches and pain by targeting the areas you choose and increasing circulation to those areas.

The Canadian National Hockey Team and the Las Vegas Golden Knights trust NormaTec’s science-backed system. But, NormaTech isn’t just for top athletes.

Many people have used NormaTec sessions to relieve a number of issues, like:

Swollen legs and Arms

Varicose Veins

Trouble with injuries or wounds that heal slowly

Cramping and pain

Circulation-related conditions

Post-surgery healing

NormaTec Recovery maximizes your recovery using three key techniques – pulsing, gradients, and distal release.

NormaTec’s Proven Techniques

NormaTec’s solution is modeled on your body’s natural processes.
  • Pulsing – imitates the muscle pump of your legs and arms, so it enhances the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs.
  • Gradients – assists the pulsing phase by keeping fluid from being forced in the wrong direction.
  • Distal Release – releases the hold from the gradient at the optimal time which provides the limbs with maximal rest time while reducing pauses between compression cycles.

NormaTec works with researchers to study and enhance the effectiveness of its recovery solutions. Its methods are clinically proven to increase circulation, reduce soreness, and help you perform at your best every day.

See How the Las Vegas Golden Knights use Normatech for Recovery

How it works

Maximizing your recovery is your edge to achieving more. Now, you can use NormaTec’s clinically proven equipment at 180 Fitness for a fraction of the cost!

Come in and talk to us about how NormaTec can jumpstart your fitness goals today!