Add Some Yoga To Your Routine

At 180 fitness, we want everyone to be healthy. Two of the most important things you can do is to stay active and exercise and eat healthy. No matter what type of fitness program you undertake, just do it. If you want a break from calisthenics, there’s nothing wrong with adding yoga. Varying workouts to prevent boredom and plateauing that can occur is important. You can vary your workout by switching the types of bodyweight exercises you do at home or mixing it with other types of workouts, such as running, walking or yoga.

Plateauing can be a problem if you want to lose weight.

If you started working out and lost weight, but your weight loss suddenly slowed or stopped, you probably plateaued. Plateauing occurs when your body becomes more efficient at doing an exercise, so it burns fewer calories. You have to change the way you challenge your body, by doing different exercises in a bodyweight workout, cranking up the difficulty of the one you’re doing or switching the actual type of exercise you do, such as doing bodyweight workouts one day and yoga or running another. You’ll see better progress when you do.

Doing the same type of workout can cause overuse injuries.

People who only run develop stress injuries, runner’s knee and shin splints, just to name a few. These are overuse injuries. To avoid specific injuries from overuse, find alternate ways of working out and mix it up, letting certain muscle groups, joints and ligaments recover properly. You can do that by adding yoga or swimming to your normal workout session. You’ll also build new muscle groups when you mix it up and work muscles on different planes.

You’ll boost your brain power learning new exercise techniques.

While your body is getting fit, it’s also helping your brain. Exercise helps prevent memory loss and boosts new learning skills. Not only does it increase circulation, which helps the brain as well, it also increases your brain power by making it work as you learn these new techniques, rather than going on autopilot with old workouts. Learning new exercises stimulates the growth of new neuron connections between cells by stimulating the production of growth factor that increases brain plasticity.

  • If you want to lower your risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and high cholesterol, combine an active lifestyle, which includes regular exercise, and a healthy diet. We can help you with both.
  • We offer both online group workouts and outside boot camps to ensure you’ll be safe when you exercise. The outside workout might be just the boost you need to make new friends and interact safely.
  • Switching to different workouts throughout the week can help you avoid boredom and put the energy back into your workout that can be lost when you do the same thing repeatedly.
  • At 180 Fitness, we want you to be healthy and fit. While we believe our program is varied, there’s nothing wrong to adding to it and opting for yoga, walking, swimming or other form on alternate days. In fact, we encourage you to do just that.

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