Regular Programs at 180 Degree Fitness


Have a specific program designed by one of our certified personal fitness trainers. 180 fitness plans are created on an individual basis, taking into consideration a person’s fitness level, age, and goals.

Whether it’s to take that first step off the couch, lose 100 + pounds or to run a marathon, here at 180 our trainers will be supporting you each step of the way.

180 Fitness offers specific training techniques such as shredder sets, Tabata training, kettlebell training, core training and much more.


This program is ideal for individuals looking to lose 50-100 pounds. Bold and Beautiful combines all of the techniques in our regular boot camps but at an introductory level consisting of:

  • group training sessions
  • one-on-one training sessions
  • a bi-monthly weigh in and check in with our nutritionists
  • grocery store tours


Each 180Fitness Boot Camps training session is anywhere from 45min to 60min in length. These boot camps are specifically designed to integrate a fun and innovative work- outs with the support and motivation of a team. The activities are challenging; each bootcamp is unique and designed to blast off stubborn fat! We combine kettlebells, bands, weights, shredder sets, core conditioning and so much more! Each boot camp is 60 minutes in length and includes a warm up, a cool down and stretching. All fitness levels are welcome!


All nutrition consultation sessions provide body fat % measurement, vitamin and mineral assessment, full body measurements, ph balance testing and specific nutrition recommendations based on your body type, food allergies/intolerances and blood type. Have a meal plan specifically designed for your needs, food allergies and preferences- no more cookie cutter nutrition plans!


Most folks come into the gym looking to lose fat, gain muscle, and improve their overall body composition. With the InBody 570 from BioSpace, you can be sure that your training and diet are on point by utilizing one of the most accurate body composition scales available today. The InBody 570 will tell you how much fat, muscle, and water you carry, and where you carry it.
Want to trim down for the summer? In less than a few minutes, the InBody 570 will tell you whether that weight you lost was fat.


Nutrition seminars are a 60 minute interactive presentation complete with props, entertainment and education. We cover topics such as The Top 10 Super Foods, Dispelling the Top 5 Fitness and Nutrition Myths, Top 10 Metabolism Secrets from the pros and so much more!

NormaTec Recovery

NormaTec Recovery allows you to train harder with air pressure to massage your limbs and speed recovery. Ease muscle aches and pain by targeting the areas you choose and increasing circulation to those areas.
NormaTec works with researchers to study and enhance the effectiveness of its recovery solutions. Its methods are clinically proven to increase circulation, reduce soreness, and help you perform at your best every day.

Gene BluePrint

Gene Blueprint Is The Blueprint Of You Eliminate Guessing, Wasted Time, And Trial-And-Error Here’s What Genetic Prediction with Gene Blueprint Will Tell You:

  • The precise number of training days you should have to get maximum results
  • Your optimal mix of resistance vs cardio training
  • The type of resistance and cardio you’re best suited for
  • What you should be eating and the foods you should avoid
  • Sensitivities to Lactose, Alcohol, and Caffeine

Infrared Sauna

You’re probably familiar with a conventional sauna and its benefits. While conventional saunas work well enough, they have one HUGE problem. They’re kept at very high temperatures making it uncomfortable for people to sit in them for long periods.

The 180 Fitness Infrared Sauna doesn’t use high heat or steam, eliminating the problems of the conventional sauna. Plus, the infrared sauna improves on the design of the conventional while increasing its benefits.


  • One on one Instruction in a group setting.
  • 30 Training Sessions per week, from 5:30 AM to 7:00 PM, to fit any schedule.
  • Classes for every level
  • A variety of exercises using all sorts of cool equipments, like Bandit Loops, Battling ropes, Kettlebells and more – No two workouts are ever the same!
  • High-energy certified trainers who encourage you to work within your present limits. If you have an injury or chronic condition we will modify the exercises for you.
  • Monthly assessments, measurements, goal setting, and nutritional guidance – we will consult with you, help you with your meal planning and help keep you on track to reach your goals!
  • Fit ranks and testing – for monthly fitness evaluations
  • 180 Degree FIT (Functionally Intelligent Transformations)
  • Access to nutrition seminars, grocery tours, nutritional coaching, mindset workshops
  • Online coaching: Private Facebook group – all our clients, get access
  • FUN – community stuff like BBQs, DJ nights, limo nights, annual parties – Christmas, summer anniversary, weight loss challenges, Ipad giveaways, and much more
  • Annual Events like skydiving, whitewater rafting events, paint night, Comedy nights, DragonBoat team, special boot camp days at Petrie Island, Greens Creek, Avalon Lake and the Dome at Louis Riel.

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