Are You Keto-Curious?

Many clients come to Gloucester, ON, to lose weight. Some have heard of the benefits of several different kinds of diets and many are keto-curious. I’m a proponent of healthy eating, which helps you shed extra pounds without actual dieting. The key to a standard keto diet is lowering the amount of calories from carbohydrates to 5%, increasing the amount of calories from fat to 70% and eating a moderate amount of calories, 25%, from protein. There are other versions that increase protein intake, cycling a keto diet with a high carb diet and blending a keto diet with your workout.

No matter which you choose, the type of carbs you eat is important.

Keeping your carbs low is hard, unless those carbs come from vegetables, nuts and dairy. Limiting food that contains refined carbohydrates, such as bread, refined sugar products, pasta, and pastry should be part of any healthy diet, not just a keto diet. It should be the first step toward healthy diet. Just cutting out sugary products and those made with refined flour could help you shed weight and be healthier without any other changes.

What is a typical keto diet food list?

Fatty fish, eggs, meat, butter, nuts, seeds and low carb vegetables are part of the keto diet. The problem is achieving the high intake of fat that is necessary to boost the fat intake and whether that’s a good habit to form. Grains, sugar, fruit and even tubers are on the do not eat list for a keto diet and some of those foods are good for you. Foods that are suggested are leafy greens, vegetables that are above ground, meat, full fat dairy, low glycemic impact berries and avocados, nuts and seeds, low carb sweeteners, meats and all types of fat except for trans fats. These are all healthy foods.

There are some dangers that occur on a keto diet.

People who take medication for diabetes should talk with their doctor first, before making any radical change to their diet. You need to also make sure you know which fats are heart healthy and avoid too much saturated fat. Keto diets have been known to trigger low blood pressure, constipation, kidney stones, increased risk of heart disease and nutritional deficiencies. People with conditions that involve the liver, thyroid, gallbladder or pancreas should also avoid keto diets, as it is not safe for them.

  • If you’re just starting a keto diet, you might find you have a “keto flu” It starts with an upset stomach, may include dizziness, lower energy and even mood swings until your body adjusts to the change in diet.
  • Sticking with a strict keto diet is tough and makes it difficult to eat anywhere except your own home, where you control the ingredients. It also restricts food that promote health, like fruit and may deter actual long term weight loss.
  • Keto diets can provide some immediate weight loss and may lower blood sugar, which is important to monitor for diabetics taking medication. It can help lower blood pressure, increase energy and even help control epilepsy.
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