Confidence In A Gym Environment

One of the reasons I often hear from people who want to work out, but fail to do so is their lack of confidence in a gym environment. That shouldn’t ever be the case for a number of reasons. Whether your uneasy about your knowledge of exercise or simply embarrassed by the shape you’re in, it shouldn’t stop you. Most people who go to the gym focus more on their own improvement and don’t watch the other people. But there are things to help you get back into the habit of working out and feel good about doing it.

Start by taking baby steps.

Just because you want to workout, it doesn’t mean you have to start at the gym, especially if you’re self-conscious. Start by going for walks, riding bike and doing mini workouts at home. Gradually increase the time you workout, walk or ride a bike to approximately to a half hour five days a week. Your progress will be slower than it would with a vigorous workout, but you’re doing something and building confidence as you do.

Make it easier on yourself by working out with a personal trainer.

Trainers understand not only how to help you with the right exercises and intensity for your fitness level, but also how to help you develop confidence in your abilities. They don’t judge you, but encourage and praise you for making the decision to take control over your level of fitness. You’ll build confidence and make progress quicker with a trainer who will get you off on the right path to fitness.

Get a workout buddy who also wants to get fit.

Whether it’s a friend or family member, a workout buddy can help you with that reluctance to workout. Just like doing it alone, working out with a friend can be done in the gym or at home. When you have a workout buddy, you’ll be more apt to stick with your program. That’s because it becomes more like an appointment and garners accountability. It’s also one reason people who use personal trainers tend to stick with their workout program.

  • Once you start a program with a personal trainer and develop more confidence, you can switch to a small group run by the trainer, which costs less and is actually fun.
  • Start with exercise you enjoy. If you hate regular exercise, do something active that’s fun. It might be hiking, biking or even dancing. The key is to get and stay active.
  • Dress for success if you go to the gym. Wear something that makes you feel like working out, which is also comfortable and meant for that sweaty adventure.
  • Just jump in and do it, whether you workout at home or at the gym. Waiting for the right moment means you’ll never get started. Don’t forget to add healthy eating into the mix for the best possible results.

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