Could You Benefit From Having A Workout Partner?

There is a real benefit to having a workout partner. It’s sad that often the first and only workout partner many people have, are personal trainers. Workout partners can provide huge benefits. In some ways, it’s like working out with a trainer, since you make a commitment to another person to show up at the gym or whatever location you chose. That keeps you accountable on those days that binge watching Netflix seems like a better idea.

Reduce the potential for injury with a workout partner.

If you’re lifting weights, you need a spotter. A workout partner could be that spotter. Bad form can cause injury. Identifying problems with form is another way that workout partners keep you safer. During the winter months, jogging after dark, even though it is early, is very likely. Consider how much safer you’d be and feel if you’re running after dark with a friend, rather than running alone. It can help you in the event of danger or injury.

You only human if you find yourself working out harder when someone is watching you.

Half way through your workout, particularly when you’re first starting out, it becomes hard to continue. Often that’s when you’re making the most headway. If you’re working out alone, you’d be more likely to quit. If your partner is doing the time, you’d be more likely to follow suit. After all, nobody wants to be the sissy or quitter. A study showed that when people worked as a team, rather than alone, they tended to workout 200% longer.

You’ll learn new workouts and get new ideas when you workout with a friend.

Sometimes, if you’re working out alone, trying something new can be extremely intimidating. That’s not nearly as true if you have a workout buddy. You’ll be more tempted to try new things when someone else is with you. Workout buddies can also bring new ideas and different techniques or even a different way of approaching exercise, which can make working out more beneficial and fun.

  • Workout partners can provide much needed support and encouragement, especially when you hit those plateaus and aren’t making the progress you hoped to achieve.
  • You and your workout partner don’t even have to see each other. A study showed that even a check in phone call every two weeks increased the potential by 78% that the person would workout.
  • Exercise can get boring if you workout alone. It can be more fun with a workout partner. You can even make it a girls, guys or couple’s night out after the workout with a healthy dinner and good conversation.
  • You can go beyond just the workout and include healthy eating in the partnership. A healthy diet is an important part of losing weight and good health. Exchanging meal ideas and tips can be rewarding with a partner.

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