Find Your Favorite Healthy Meal

What you eat makes a huge difference in how healthy you remain. In fact, recent studies show that people who are obese face more complications from the virus, than those that aren’t. The increased risk is linked to the increased risk of suffering from other serious conditions, such as diabetes. We make it easy for you to eat healthier and lose weight by making it easier to identify your favorite healthy meal or meals and learn how to not only eat healthy but enjoy every minute of it.

Do you love to cook?

Some people love the adventure of preparing new dishes in the kitchen but aren’t sure how to create healthy meals that taste delicious. Our nutritionist can help create menus for you that are easy to follow and varied, but also perfect for your dietary requirements and taste. In fact, you can make many of these dishes and freeze them, so you have meals ready to heat and eat on those busy days or days when the family must fend for themselves. These meals are so varied, you’ll probably find several you love.

If you hate to cook and even burn hard boiled eggs, we also can help you.

What if you could have healthy foods delivered to your home and all you do is heat and eat them? It would be like dining out every night in a fancy restaurant, but without the need to dress up or drive. We help you by working with a local catering company that prepares meals you’ll love and so will your body. They’re healthy and lower in calories if you’re trying to shed weight, but served up fresh, just waiting for you to heat and enjoy. Finding your favorite meal can be a real treat and you’ll probably find you love more than one option.

Why is it important to find a meal or more that you love?

It only makes sense that if you enjoy eating something, you’ll do it more often. There’s no reason to eat cardboard tasting food or celery and rice cakes when you can have a full meal that fills you up, but not out and provides all the nutrients your body needs. You may be surprised at how good spaghetti squash tastes or some of the combination like a healthy taco pasta or zucchini boat enchiladas.

  • It’s more important than ever to build your immune system and get healthy. While exercise helps boost your immune system, what you eat makes the biggest difference. We provide recipes for healthy snacks to get you through those mid-morning and mid-afternoon munchies.
  • If you turn to comfort food in tough times, finding your favorite healthy meal is important. In fact, you can even make extra, so you just have to heat and serve on those days when your plans went south.
  • As you learn more healthy meal plans and recipes, you’ll be learning how to create your own. Adding more vegetables until half the plate is veggies, lean meat and only healthy fat is a start.

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Our nutritionist can also help you modify your favorite meals by making changes to create a healthier option. Contact us at 180 Fitness for a free consultation.

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