Healthy Foods That Can Help Heal Your Body

If you’re eating healthy, working out and getting plenty of fluids and sleep, the chances of getting sick are reduced, but don’t disappear. Accidents also create a need to let the body heal. Whether you’re at the top of the list for eating healthy, or even somewhere at the bottom, changing your ways can do a lot to help you recover. While eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables always helps, there are foods that help heal your body and make recovery even quicker.

Add some mushrooms to a salad or soup.

Whether you munch on white button mushrooms with dip or make a grilled portabella sandwich, mushrooms help. There are even studies to see how shiitake mushrooms boost the immune system to help fight some forms of cancer. The compound they contain, lentinan, is thought to slow the growth of stomach and colorectal tumors. While less well known mushrooms like reiki or lion’s mane may have more healing power, even white button mushrooms and portabellas also help. Portabellas have anti-inflammatory benefits that can help relieve pain and help muscles heal faster, while also providing benefit of aiding people with inflammatory diseases.

Try some power packed beets or their cousin Swiss chard.

Break off the tops of beets and save them to cook later. Steam the beets, rinse them in cold water and slip off the peel. You’ll have a super sweet treat that is natural and healthy. You can eat it warm or store it in the refrigerator. It’s definitely good to have on hand, since it contains nutrients that help the body heal. It’s relative, Swiss chard is also packed with nutrients that keep you well, but also support bone health, are anti-inflammatory and can help fight off the effects of stress-related diseases. If you’re short on spinach, Swiss chard is a great replacement.

If you have a broken bone, you need extra calcium to heal.

While you may think of milk and milk products immediately when you consider increasing your calcium, there are other options. Eating yogurt won’t hurt you, but don’t forget the benefits of green vegetables, nuts and beans. Eating food high in vitamin D also helps, such as kale, nuts and beans, eggs, dairy and fatty fish, like sardines or salmon.

  • Eat probiotics, such as live culture yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut or kim chi. These are especially important if you’ve taken an antibiotic. Antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria, but good ones, too. These food replenish those.
  • Make sure you have healthy fat in your diet. It can come from salmon or other fatty fish, avocado, olive oil or even nuts and seeds.
  • Maybe you’re suffering from nausea. Don’t despair and think you have to suffer. Drink some ginger tea and you’ll feel better fast. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember when ginger ale was used for nausea. Some people still use it today.
  • Make sure your diet contains adequate iodine, so your body functions at its best. While most salt contains, you can cut out the salt and eat kale, green beans, spinach, parsley or bock choy.

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