Stay In Touch With Your Fitness Community During These Times

One of the biggest problems that came from the lockdown is the quarantine 15. Those extra pounds gained from boredom and easy access to the refrigerator. With gyms being closed and most active pastimes discouraged or limited, it’s hard not to eat your way through this time of crisis. That’s why it’s important to stay in touch with your fitness community and find ways to share workout options and encouragement online. You can also do it with social distancing.

Do you worry about being exposed to the virus, but still want to workout?

Never fear, there are some easy resolutions to this problem. The first is to take your workout outside and stick with your habit. We offer outside classes for those who like the personal touch and love seeing old friends they made at the gym. Those outside classes have been very popular. It brings a bit of normalcy back into people’s lives, plus keeps you with the habit of working out regularly. If you haven’t joined us at one of the pandemic proof boot camps, please do, you’re going to love it.

Get help online and let the family join in your workout.

We also offer online workouts. In fact, you’ll see some of these on the website. There’s an opportunity to interact with the coaches, too. These are safe, since you workout at home and there’s no contact. They’re perfect during a quarantine. Get the kids involved, and/or your spouse. Your whole family can benefit from the workout. You’ll all feel better when you finish and you’ll be helping your body look and feel better.

Staying in touch, sharing stories and encouraging one another is important.

You miss a lot when you don’t keep up with us on Social media. For instance, did you realize we just had our 13 year celebration and had some great bargains for present and past clients? We’re back from quarantine and going strong, but some of you still need to take extra precautions. For you, we provide great feedback and online training. We’re all about your safety and health. That’s what being a great trainer means.

  • When you sign up for our online program, you get the benefit of 137 live streaming workouts per week. Check out Ryan’s lower body, upper body and full body workout available that’s on our website now.
  • If you noticed your body expanding during quarantine, don’t worry. We can help you get back into shape quickly with our nutrition and workout programs. We also other programs, like physiotherapy to help assess your readiness or prepare you for a workout.
  • Choosing a workout partner to meet with for our boot camp programs is another good way to help motivation. When you know you’re going to meet someone, you’re more likely to attend.
  • We offer a wide variety of programs to help meet your fitness needs. Not everyone will need the Biggest Loser program or want personal training, which is why our boot camp is so popular.

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