Stretch For Success

Do you want to get maximum results, plus help prevent injury, you need to stretch for success. That’s right, stretching should be part of everyone’s workout. It’s not only great as a warmup or cool down, it’s also necessary for flexibility. While strength training is definitely important for weight loss and protecting you from injury in some ways, flexibility training, such as stretching, can prevent injury by increasing the range of motion. If you’ve been sitting too long, there’s nothing better than stretching to help relieve the pain and get your circulation going.

Don’t jump straight out of bed and take off running.

Watch a cat wake up. Cats don’t jump straight up, unless they’re scared. Most of the time they reach their paws forward, stretch their back and slowly get moving. You need to do the same thing when you get up each morning. Raise your arms and stretch out. Arch your back and even turn your head side to side. Lunges of all types are good ways to start. Reach your arms in the air and stretch out your body, elongating it as much as possible and then roll your shoulders. Focus on stretching every muscle in your body.

Stretching your hamstrings, hip flexors and quads will get you ready for the day and even help lower back pain.

Not only is stretching great as a warm-up, to ensure muscles are adequately warmed, stretching can relieve pain. Kneel on the floor and then raise on leg, putting the sole of your foot flat on the floor with the knee bent at a 90 degree angle. Put your hands on the top of the bent knee and push your body backward to stretch. It feels amazing.

Your back pain will disappear with this little stretch.

Is your lower back aching from too much sitting. It’s time for a stretch. Get a towel and flip it around until it’s in a roll. Lay on your back with one leg laying straight out and the other bent at the knee with your foot flat on the floor. Lift the foot of the leg with the knee bent an loop the towel around the sole of the foot. Push your foot out as you pull the towel and your foot straight in the air. Do the same on the opposite side. You’ll feel it stretch out your back and relieve any pain your in at the time.

  • Do you have a kink in your neck or are you about to do some lifting. You’ll want to stretch your triceps. Put one hand behind your back as though you’re about to scratch and then grab your elbow with the other hand and stretch your arm even further back.
  • Use dynamic stretching for warming up and static stretching for cooling down. Dynamic stretching moves your muscles and gets you blood flowing. Static stretching includes things like touching your toes and reduces any muscle tension.
  • Do stretching throughout the day for pain relief. Standing with your arms extended and rotating your body from left to right and back can stretch your body and help eliminate muffin tops.
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